Monthly Archives: August 2011

Get Smart: Understanding the College Student Smartphone Demographic

Mobile designs must take into account how young people --tomorrow’s mainstream news and media consumers-- use their devices today and accommodate these behaviors.  Providers should expect potentially rapid shifts in user behavior in the future, and be ready to adjust accordingly.                             – Jenny Dean, Digital Media Test Kitchen, CU-Boulder A trip to any…
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The Plain and Simple Truth: What is 4G?

In the midst of a 4G revolution sweeping across the world's telecommunications industry, there seems to be one important question that no one ever felt like answering: what exactly is 4G?? In order to fully answer this question, there are a few misconceptions that must be cleared up first, including simply what "4G" stands for:…
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The Social Media Revolution: Word of Mouth On Digital Steroids

A lot has changed since our childhood.  The Backstreet Boys no longer "want it that~ way".  The Power Rangers are just about ready to quit saving the world from slimeballs and boogers.  And the extremely sour Warheads have shocked themselves right out of the candy market.  A cultural and social era is slowly, but surely…
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