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The Growth of Insurance Telematics

 According to “Usage Based Insurance and Safety Telematics Synergies” insurance telematics subscriptions are supposed to grow to 107 million by the year 2018. That is an 81% increase compared to 2013’s 5.5 million subscriptions. Insurance telematics are becoming a huge part of the market due to the overwhelming amount of growth that they have received. …
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Is a New Business Model Needed in the UBI Industry?

Being that the personal automobile insurance is the largest in the United States, it is safe to say that people are beginning to look to safe driving to save money. Typically a person’s driving record, credit record, education level, and geographical coordinates are all factors that are taken into consideration when dishing out ones premium.…
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Is hardware dead?

Do you think hardware is dead? How expensive or cheap do you think hardware is? Well here's some information that may surprise you! In China’s technology market, retail prices on tablets and phones are amazingly low. Android phones can be purchased for $100, while tablets are going for only $45! WOW! Furthermore, because consumers are…
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