Texting and driving is currently a very popular and controversial driving safetytopic around the United States. There are so many people who just cannot resist sending a text message while on the road. Even though it is a several hundred dollar fine in most states if you get caught texting while driving, it is still not stopping people. The Arbella Insurance Foundation is now offering discounts on hardware and software that cuts access to cell phones while driving (Morisy, 2013). Cellcontrol is what they are calling it; it is a device that can be plugged into the car’s diagnostic port and then it can control your phone while the car is in motion. Unfortunately this technology is not yet compatible with iPhones. Arbella Insurance is currently offering a discount meaning that the device and a year service fee is only $25 (regularly $125). It is with high hopes that this device will help keep people safe and put distracted driving on the decline. A video of how the device works can be found here: http://www.boston.com/business/innovation/blogs/inside-the-hive/2013/05/17/arbella-insurance-offers-discounted-anti-texting-tech-massachusetts-drivers/2CR6mQZiYnvQnHCjG7APdI/blog.html

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Morisy, Michael. “Arbella Insurance Offers Discounted Anti-texting Tech to Massachusetts Drivers.” Boston.com. N.p., 17 May 2013. Web. 5 June 2013.

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