Integrated with Alexa skill, Assured Telematics make it easier to get information about your truck. ‘Find my truck’ will let you get the real-time location of the truck and also the information of the driver. You can search for a truck by truck name or driver’s name. To use the skill, please follow the steps below:


Enable the skill

Now the skill is still under developing, we invite you to join the beta test. To test the skill, you need to enable the skill first. You will receive a beta test invitation email. Following the link, you can easily enable the skill in corresponding Alexa account. Make sure Alexa is under the same account.


Test the skill

1. First of all, you need to invoke the skill, you can say:

“Alexa,find my truck.”

2. a) If you want to search by truck name, you can say ‘truck name’ + truck name;

“Truck name 02119”

b) If you want to search by driver’s name, you can say ‘last name’ + last name of the driver. We split the step instead of searching a full name to make it easier to use; Alexa will get all the drivers under the same last name. Then you can choose by say ‘first name’+ first name or just say ‘yes‘ if Alexa only find one person.

“Last name Smiths.”

“I found 7 Smiths, please say the first name?”

“First name Mike.”

3. After you get the location information from Alexa, you can also send it to your phone. Just say ‘yes‘, when Alexa ask you. When Alexa ask for your phone number, you need to say ‘My number is’ + your number.

“Could I have your phone number?”

“My number is 6171231234”

4. Then you will get the location by text message, and it should be a link. When you click it, it will jump to a map app and show you the location you got.