Automotive Solution

HopeRun automotive with intelligence, security, and innovation as its core concept, based on the concept of software-defined vehicle, focuses on providing automotive smart cockpit hypervisor solutions and ECU development solutions based on AUTOSAR, helping partners to enhance the competitiveness of products and promote the intelligent development of products.

Our Solution


HopeRun is committed to providing a heterogeneous universal autonomous driving computing platform. From the perspective of PaaS, it defines safety, redundancy, backup, customization, etc. as the core capabilities of the platform. It is distributed, modular, scalable, and supports multiple processors, compatible with multiple operating systems and cross-platform.

Connection solutions

HopeRun provides “hardware + software + services” one-stop Telematics IVI solution in the field of AUTO. Closely cooperates with the domestic and foreign well-known chip companies, car manufacturers, map navigation, and TSP service providers. Covers front loading, front loading-to-be and rear-loading market.

Validation solutions

Validation Service

  • HW Platform Validation
  • HVAC Validation
  • DI Validation
  • Network Management & Diagnostic Validation
  • Pre-certification: Connection, System

Validation Solution

  • Acceptance Validation
  • System & Special Validation


HopeRun can provide OEM vendors from cloud OTA management platform, secure wireless pipeline connection, Build up the upgrading capability of automotive products, and set up a complete OTA system solution.