Safety is a big concern when putting a person behind the wheel of a fleetvehicle. Very often it ranks higher than cost saving goals and workforce productivity; this includes large companies who operate fleet vehicles.   According to a recent survey by GE Capital Fleet Services, the main focus is to make sure, that above all, their drivers are safe (2013). In order to do this many companies have begun using telematics devices which can conquer two main concerns: cost savings and safety of drivers. Telematics can help improve the truck drivers driving therefore making them more safe on the road. Many companies are turning to telematics to accomplish just that, and it can also help them save a lot of money.

In conclusion, a large enough portion of customers started to see substantial savings and safety changes as a result of using telematics. Telematics technology is now advanced to the point that insurers can deliver attractive, branded devices that are easily installed by customers. HopeRun offer OBDII Devices, web portals and mobile apps that allow customers to see their driving behavior data and easily translate that to expected insurance savings, and offer coaching to help customers improve their scores and increase savings. If you are searching for a small, powerful, easy-to-use OBD II connected device, HopeRun Technology is offering you the solution. This telematics device is an easy customer installed device that plugs into a vehicle’s OBDII port to collect vehicle location, driver performance and diagnostic data via Bluetooth/cellular connections to your branded web site and mobile applications for your customers.  Contact us today at!
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