E-highway is a concept that initiated in Germany and later developed in California, where “commercial vehicles retro-fitted with a diesel/electric power train receive electric power from overhead cables via a new pantograph system (Ridden, 2012)”. Even though changes in infrastructure can be costly and time-consuming, functional change could help correct specific problems in certain areas, such as traffic reduction in heavy congestion areas and can help improve traffic flow in the pedestrian-heavy areas or even parking lots.

Siemens is currently proposing an overhead electric wire for trucks. One of the advantages of using overhead electric wires is that heavy trucks have the ability to run either on wires or internal diesel. For trucks running back and forth in the shipping ports, this new innovative technology will benefit the environment greatly. However the overhead wires make it more difficult for lower vehicles to attach to and having wires on main highways is not very attractive.

Many of the improvements in fleet management focus on car innovation while neglecting changes in infrastructure. Do you think our infrastructure should change, or should efforts continue toward innovations in car technology?


Ridden, P. (2012, May 23). Siemens tests “eHighway of the Future” vision with tram-like overhead cables. Retrieved July 24, 2012, from gizmag:

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