Ford’s new innovation known as, “Traffic Jam Assist” enables cars to automatically keep pace with the traffic flow. Research shows that on average driver spends around 30% of their time in congestion or heavy traffic (Telematics News, 2012).The Video from Telematics News indicates that under certain circumstances, your automobile could move at a steady pace on congested road with clearly marked lanes, at which there is no pedestrians or animals involved.

Ford’s engineers are working on improving the current driving assist technology systems. While your car is moving in a low motion, the help of a more precise camera on the front mirror and radar could ensure that this new technology function perfectly. An example of what else this system with its advanced technology can do is encounter for incidences where a car suddenly cuts in front of you, the system will automatically keep the vehiclethat cut in front of you in the middle of the lane based on the existing data,the driver will also be notified of changing situation.

Like today, the adaptive cruise control adapts the speed to the vehicle of you, the optimized ACC (Autonomous cruisecontrol system) brakes to a full stop if it is necessary and will starts to accelerate on its own.

As soon as the traffic jam dissolved, the system will notify the driver to take control of the vehicle again.

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