According to a PCWorld article, outsourcing in the IT industry is heated outsourcing with debates. When talking about outsourcing, people tend to want resources that are talented and skillful but have a low cost attached to them. However, the results from a recent survey turn out to be surprisingly different.

Survey conducted by Lieberman Software showed that people are losing confidence in outsourcing due to higher costs than original planned, poor quality, and lack of trust. Philip Lieberman, President and CEO of Lieberman Software, says the survey results illustrate that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the IT outsourcing fence. “The fact that trust in the quality of work is being eroded is a worrying trend but, for me, the thought that work is being manufactured to inflate fees is even more of a concern.”
However, Lieberman went on saying how there is some IT projected that just need to be outsourced. Reason being is that organizations, whether they are small or medium businesses, don’t have the budget to hire IT staff that are capable of managing IT projects. Most projects require a specific skill set and finding all these skills sets in one employee is very difficult unless they are on a senior level. Outsourcing firms allow companies to find the best talent available through their wide range of IT pool and for as long as needed.
Bottom line is that cost really isn’t everything. If you are currently using an outsourcing firm that is not trustworthy, switch, there are so many outsourcing companies. Find a company that will help your organization. Find a company that you can rely on.  And if you currently do not use a outsourcing firm, you should definitely consider it!