HopeRun has built mobile apps across industries for iPad, iPhones and Android platforms to fit your needs to run your business. In general, we serve a practical purpose, simply engage or entertain your users.  In any case, we are capable of putting the idea into motion.

 Mobile Apps: Connect Vehicle, Roadside Assistant and  Infotainment

  • Connected Vehicle Services

App is designed to bring end users(car owners) the ability to access vehicle server from their smart phones including door unlock, remote start, geofencing and diagnostics.

 Remote control on vehicle

  • Remote engine start
  • Remote horn
  • Remote door lock/unlock
  • Remote light
  • Remote air conditioner on/off

 POI based service

  • Search for POI
  • Send POI to car
  • Send locations to car


  • Get vehicle’s health report  from OEM database
  • Display an image of vehicle with diagnostics alerts
  • Display details on alerts


  • Speed: send notification when vehicle exceeds a specified speed
  • Geo-Fence: send notification when vehicle leaves a specified region
  • Curfew: send notification once vehicle is being used outside of a predetermined time interval
  • Valet: monitor vehicle movement within a predefined boundary around the location

Roadside Assistance Service – Mobile Apps are designed for OEM or car manufacturer to provide roadside assistance service including:

  • Profile registration: personal information (name, home/work address, current location, VIN…) and vehicle information (year, make, model, color…)
  • Roadside assistance
    • in non-emergency situation: provide a question list for user to choose answers > send answers to call center > inform service provider (factories, dealers…) > push notifications to user on any updates of ETA
    • in emergency situation: call emergency number directly
    • Finding dealers/retailers: search for dealers/retailers in a certain area on map based on current location; get routing on map for selected dealer/retailer
    • Push notifications: recall, maintenance Maintenance schedule: select mileage > find dealers/retailers and send the maintenance schedule to user


  • Develop mobile applications for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, and BlackBerry Tablet OS with Flash Builder and Flex, or with HTML and JavaScript.
  • Smartphone Experience
    • Smartphone UI Design
      • Various experience on wireframe & UI design
      • User experience & UI transition
    • Smartphone Performance & Battery control
    • Smartphone Security
    • Audio/Video/VoIP
    • Connectivity technology
      • USB
      • Bluetooth
      • Wi-Fi
      • Wi-Fi Direct (for Android 4.0+ only)
  • For 3rd Party Service Provider
    • Insurance Company: Designed to update status of jobs assigned to SP truck drivers on the progress of tow or on-site service
    • Tow/on-site Service Provider: Designed to deliver up-to-the-minute status updates to stranded motorists anxious to know how long it will take for the service truck to arrive
    • Application/Service Provider: Customized to provide service from any 3rd SP or network operator