Are you tired of looking for a qualified mobile applications offshore vendor? Look no further, get the most qualified team for mobile apps outsourcing from HopeRun! For our customers, our technical expertise translate into:

  • A shorter requirement cycle
  • Rapid field deployment

HopeRun has built apps across industries for iPad, iPhones and Android platforms to fit your needs to run your business, to serve a practical purpose, and to simply engage or entertain your users. In any case, we are capable of putting the idea into motion.

ios iconThe HopeRun iOS team has extensive experience in:

  • iOS Application Development
  • MacOS X
  • Objective C & associated Application Architecture
  • Creating iPad applications (native iPad UI AND native iPhone/iPod Touch UI)

Our iPhone development team extensively uses frameworks and libraries to save time and costs for you, combines with excellent understanding of iOS and Objective-C and through knowledge of Apple’s UI guidelines for mobile interface. Hence we will help you respond strategically and successfully to your iPhone/iPad application development requirements without significant amounts of additional operation or technical overheads.

 We develop apps that take advantages of the following iPhone technologies: multi-touch interface, accelerometers, GPS, proximity sensor, dialer, address book and calendar.

 Our technical expertise includes:

  • iPhone Vehicle Telematics Application
  • iPhone Business Application
  • iPhone Multimedia Application
  • iPhone Internet Application
  • iPhone GPS Based Application
  • iPhone Entertainment and Education Applications