Over 2000 people including our HopeRun staff attended the first day of the largest telematics conference in the United States yesterday. There were about 100 vendors there testing out and showing off their telematics products. The high number or attendees makes this conference the largest ever telematics conference. The telematics industry is currently thriving with success and people are becoming more and more interested in what usage based insurance is all about.

According to Thilo Koslowski, vice president for automotive vehicle ICT, a main focus for the upcoming years will be connected cars. Other hot topics discussed were CRM platforms, the needs of consumers, and making offerings more intuitive. “Another general conclusion was that partnerships have become increasingly important. The idea of the telematics provider or the OEM as the one-stop shop is dead” (Tolve, 2013).
Overall thinks are looking bright for the future of telematics. Look for more information to come from the second day of the conference! And make sure to look for HopeRun in Detroit! With cutting-edge technology, HopeRun Technology is well-positioned to be a world leader in telematics. We have experienced engineering teams specializing in mobile, M2M, embedded, and connect-to-vehicle technologies.   Contact us today at www.hoperun.net to see how HopeRun can help you with your telematics needs!
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