System Engineers

HopeRun Technology Corporation seeks Systems Engineers in Burlington, Massachusetts to create new services focused on the U.S. and global market; ...
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Development for automotive solutions

Intelligence, security, and innovation as its core concept, based on the concept of software-defined vehicle ...
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Customized solutions for Energy Industry

Complete solutions from sensor-level to Cloud ...
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Complete chip-level capabilities

End-to-end solution capability of “chip + algorithm + application” ...
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Premium edge computing technology

Localized storage management and data processing ...
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HopeRun Software Joins ACRN Hypervisor community to Accelerate Virtualization Solutions

HopeRun Software announced that it has become a strategic software partner of the open source technology Project ACRN, which will ...
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NevadaNano Announces Partnership with HopeRun, China Market IOT Leader

Planned new sensor and IoT system detects methane gas and hydrocarbon leaks — will play a role in helping companies ...
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Ant Financial launches core banking platform to accelerate digital transformation

The finance arm of Alibaba Group, Ant Financial, has partnered with HopeRun Technology Corporation to develop a Distributed Core Banking ...
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HiHope Bangkok Linaro Conference

With 74 Capabilities Supported at the Chip-Set Level, HopeRun Launches the HiHope Platform for the IoT Development

On April 3, Bangkok, Thailand,  HopeRun Software teamed up with Japan's top two chip makers Renesas and Socionext to launch two ...
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Hoperun CMMI Level 5

HopeRun's Client Delivery Team has achieved CMMI Level 5 for development, the highest maturity level  in the Capability Maturity Model Integration ...
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Alexa Skill Guide

Integrated with Alexa skill, Assured Telematics make it easier to get information about your truck. 'Find my truck' will let ...
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Mobile Development

Mobile Development: Show all About our IOS Team About our Android Team Mobile Apps Are you tired of looking for ...
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Alexa Skill Development Outsource

Alexa Skill Development Experienced in Lambda programming, and Amazon Cloud service.  Hoperun in the perfect partner when it comes to ...
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The Growth of Insurance Telematics

 According to “Usage Based Insurance and Safety Telematics Synergies” insurance telematics subscriptions are supposed to grow to 107 million by ...
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Development Process

Full End to End Development Process Design and Quality Driven Development Lifecycle Proven results compete with best consumer digital products ...
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About Our Android Team

 About our Android Team Our superbly capable developers, project managers, and QA professionals can help you to plan, design and ...
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Data Analysis

Data Analysis and Data Mining

Data Analysis and Data Mining HopeRun can assist your company in both Data Analysis and Data Mining needs by providing ...
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cloud expertise

Cloud Development Expertise

Cloud Development Experience Cloud Development and Integrations: Infrastructure, Protocol, Gateway and Data Services  Infrastructure •PaaS :  Google Engine,  Microsoft Azure ...
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Cloud Services for Backend

 Integration Services There is important to make sure that your system inter-operable, support current standards and stay updated. HopeRun has ...
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About Our iOS Team

  About our iOS Team The HopeRun iOS team has extensive experience in: Application Development MacOS X Objective C & associated ...
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Security and Privacy

Confidentiality We are committed to the confidentiality of Non-Disclosure Agreements, respecting all confidential information received while performing our professional duties ...
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Quality Assurance

HRTC provides Quality Assurance (QA) testing for new products – specifically software applications – that demand significant resources: the right ...
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Delivery Model

HopeRun’s Delivery Models are designed to adapt to our clients’ requirements and designs. The services we offer will provide great ...
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Design and Programming of Embedded Systems

Helping Design, Develop and Test Embedded Android Devices, IOT devices and Sensors, Working in ARM, Microprocessor and Micro-Controller Projects ...
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Strengths in Telematics

Telematics development Strengths

HopeRun Business  Strength on Telematics With cutting-edge technology, HopeRun Technology is well-positioned to be a world leader in telematics. We ...
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capabilities in telematics

Capabilities in Telematics

Telematics HopeRun’s white label developed solutions allow OEMs, tier 1 suppliers, and telematics service providers to offer a customized experience ...
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Mobile Apps: Across Industries and Platforms

HopeRun has built mobile apps across industries for iPad, iPhones and Android platforms to fit your needs to run your ...
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embedded products

Embedded Products: Wide Range of Capabilities

Embedded Development Capabilities  Operating System (OS) •Embedded Linux, QNX, Android, WinCE BSP(Board Support Package)/HAL(Hardware Abstraction Layer)/Kernel •BSP Driver Porting, Testing ...
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embedded service

Embedded Service over Multi Areas

Embedded Development: Platform and OS, Kernel, Application and System Strategic Positioning Providing embedded service as product solutions based on the ...
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embedded solutions

Embedded Solutions Expert Provider

Taking your Embedded Products from Concept to Market Specialties Over the past decades, HopeRun has established industry wide reputation as ...
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Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology According to ABI Research, the wearable device industry will sell 100 million units annually by 2016. Even expand ...
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Cloud Services and Internet of Things

End to End Device Management Solutions, M2M Solutions and Hosted Services Development ...
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In-Vehicle Telematics

In-Vehicle Telematics

In-Vehicle Telematics Capabilities HopeRun helps design and support a wide variety of in-vehicle telematics systems. Especially, focus on head units, ...
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Data Migration Image

Data Migration and Integration

Data Migration and Integration Services HopeRun can supply you with your data migration and integration needs ranging in these areas: ...
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data warehousing

Data Warehousing Solution

Data Warehousing Solution HopeRun can help your company in selecting and integrating a data warehousing solution. We can optimize your ...
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Native Mobile Development for iOS and Android

Consumer and Internal Application Development, Mobile Strategy and Design ...
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Development for Automotive and Telematics Solutions

Experienced developers for White Label Mobile Applications, Back-end, Platform and Headunit projects ...
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Biggest Concerns in Fleet Management

Safety is a big concern when putting a person behind the wheel of a vehicle. Very often it ranks higher ...
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Telematics Playing an Essential Role in Road Safety

According to The Society of Telecommunications Engineers the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics - can help manage live traffic updates, ...
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Why Telematics can Benefit your fleet?

Fleet industry analysts predict that by 2014, telematics sales growth will exceed over 6.5 million units. Private fleet operators believe ...
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Telematics and apps: Identifying trends from the trendy

Even the connected car hasn’t come to dominate the road yet, the concept of machine-to-machine (M2M), machine-to-infrastructure (M2C) has hit the ...
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A New Way to Prevent Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is currently a very popular and controversial topic around the United States. There are so many people ...
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Fleets embrace telematics to save fuel

Soaring fuel prices, combined with escalating competition in the transport and logistics sectors, are forcing fleet operators across the world ...
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Build your own Google Glass

Multi-Model Interface – Beyond web and mobile Google glass is a polarizing device. Positive opinions have often focused on the ...
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News from Detroit Conference 2013

Over 2000 people including our HopeRun staff attended the first day of the largest telematics conference in the United States ...
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Ford launching socially networked car safety initiative

Ford is partnering with St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in Russia to assess the most effective way to achieve vehicle to ...
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Is Outsourcing Worth It?

According to a PCWorld article, outsourcing in the IT industry is heated with debates. When talking about outsourcing, people tend ...
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Why telematics is beneficial from an Auto Insurer’s Perspective

Installing a tiny black box or a monitoring gadget in your car can help reduce your auto insurance cost to ...
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Fleet Management

Telematics provide more than navigation and logistics; insurance companies can pay for part of the device installed or provide a ...
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Putting the Car in the Web

More widely available credit and an increasingly aging fleet led to the introduction of new models from several auto manufacturers ...
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Which Technologies are Insured Drivers Most Willing to Adopt for Lower Premium?

A recent survey from reveals that technology is far more likely to be adopted to include telematics boxes or ...
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The Social Media Revolution: Word of Mouth On Digital Steroids

A lot has changed since our childhood.  The Backstreet Boys no longer "want it that~ way".  The Power Rangers are ...
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The Plain and Simple Truth: What is 4G?

In the midst of a 4G revolution sweeping across the world's telecommunications industry, there seems to be one important question ...
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Get Smart: Understanding the College Student Smartphone Demographic

Mobile designs must take into account how young people --tomorrow’s mainstream news and media consumers-- use their devices today and ...
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iPhone 4S or iPhone 5?

After a year of rumors and built up expectations for a device prematurely labeled the “iPhone 5,” Apple only teased ...
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Ford Traffic Jam Assist Technology(autonomous driving)

Ford’s new innovation known as, “Traffic Jam Assist” enables cars to automatically keep pace with the traffic flow. Research shows ...
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Insurance Telematics Update

In the world of Insurance Telematics, it’s typically the personal-line insurance programs which grab the headlines.  Programs such as Progressive ...
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E-highway Technology and Infrastructure Innovation E-highway is a concept that initiated in Germany and later developed in California, where “commercial vehicles retro-fitted with a ...
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Seasonal Load Limit Restrictions

As we all know, weather plays a big role when it comes to road conditions and driver’s safety. Some states ...
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Is hardware dead?

Do you think hardware is dead? How expensive or cheap do you think hardware is? Well here's some information that ...
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The Future Outlook for Telematics – Human/Machine Interface (HMI)

HMI is developing technology to advance driving experience by ensuring drivers receive the information needed to reduce accidents and increase ...
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Choosing the Right Telematics Solution, Step-by-Step

Telematics has gain more recognition in the past years. For fleet managers, Telematics gives them more ways to run a ...
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Five HopeRun Technology Trends to Watch for in 2013

In the start of the New Year, it is time to identify your technological strategies and adopt what’s truly useful ...
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Missing out on the Telematics Conferences? Don’t worry we got you covered!

Were you not able to attend the following conferences? M2M Telematics: Fleet Management & Usage Based Insurance, Mobile World Congress ...
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Is a New Business Model Needed in the UBI Industry?

Being that the personal automobile insurance is the largest in the United States, it is safe to say that people ...
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Self-Driving Cars Are Closer Than You Think

Google is working on big things for the future of automobiles. In 2010 Google made it public that they were ...
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UK vs. US Telematics

It is clear that both United States insurers and insurers in the United Kingdom are focusing a lot of their ...
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