More widely available credit and an increasingly aging fleet led to put car in webthe introduction of new models from several auto manufacturers that helped drive auto sales and maintain a steady revenue stream for dealerships in 20121. The competition amongst auto companies continues to grow as each tries to grab the consumer’s attention and a large share of the market. As many new car designs focus on better fuel efficiency, comfort, and style, technologies such as lane departure warnings and blind spot alerts are being integrated to improve overall driver safety and give auto companies a competitive advantage.
In the current age of web- and cloud-connected smartphones and tablets, car companies must find a way to integrate telematics into their vehicles that not only allow for safer driving but also appeal to the consumers.  These consumers expect seamless integration of their smartphones and tablets with the onboard vehicle infotainment system, along with remote access to their vehicle through any of these devices. Car companies are faced with the challenge of making their infotainment systems compatible with the variety of platforms available to consumers and essentially “putting the car in the web”.  
It’s only a matter of time before cars and every other device we use on a daily basis will be just a window to the cloud2.  Auto makers are only starting to take advantage of decreasing cloud-based costs to meet their growing software and content needs while collecting and processing large amounts of customer data.  OEMs can use this data to improve customer care and to develop new business models.
With cutting-edge technology, HopeRun Technology is well-positioned to be a world leader in telematics. We have experienced engineering teams specializing in mobile, M2M, embedded, and connect-to-vehicle technologies.   Contact us today to see how HopeRun can help you with your telematics needs!
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