Google is working on big things for the future of automobiles. In 2010 Google made it public that they were working on self-driving cars. Google’s autonomous driving system is said to be ready for the market within the next five years according to Sergey Brin. It is predicted that by the 2020’s there will be volume production of some self-driving cars. This idea might seem crazy and beyond our time, but the technology is already out there. There are carmakers out there that already offer sophisticated “assisted driving” features as options when purchasing cars. Features such as: auto-parking and brakes that automatically hit when the car gets to close to another object. Insurance companies have already begun offering discounts to people who are using these sophisticated features, just as they are for people who are using telematics to drive safer. Self driving cars 1Other changes you should expect in the next few years are luxuries such as cars being stocked with fast 4G mobile broadband. This will assist with self-driving because of the improved connection it will bring to cars in order for them to send out hazard warnings, and receive information of traffic, and even weather ahead of them more efficiently. The automobile industry is changing rapidly and it is becoming more and more automated every day.  Unfortunately being fully automated may not be available till many years in the future, but there are many steps in the right direction already in progress.

self driving cars 2There are some technical obstacles that need to be overcome before things can become fully automated.  It is going to be extremely crucial that all roads, road signs and signals be mapped perfectly. It is also believed that fully automated cars will still crash sometimes due to the fact that they are machines and they will not always run perfectly. The other problem that is being faced is that if there were to be an accident, lawsuits will follow quickly behind. Chris Urmson of Google states, “…self-driving software will gain experience as it is tested, just like a human driver.”  He also explains how computers do not get distracted, or tired like a human does so there are a lot of positives to the product.

The benefits are huge. People who spend hours a day on the road can now use that time to rest, work, or do other activities they need to get done. There will be less wasted fuel because of less traffic and fewer emissions will be produced. Fuel efficiency can improve by up to 30%, and accidents will be reduced drastically.  Self-driving cars have a lot of work to do to get to the selling point, but it is safe to say they are on their way, and they will be revolutionary.
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