According to “Usage Based Insurance and Safety Telematics Synergies” insurance telematics subscriptions are supposed to grow to 107 million by the year 2018. That is an 81% increase compared to 2013’s 5.5 million subscriptions. Insurance telematics are becoming a huge part of the market due to the overwhelming amount of growth that they have received.  Insurers are seeing the need to move to a more proactive and CRM based approach which will benefit their customers and create a better bond.” The auto Insurance telematics insurance industry faces a fundamental change to business, ABI said, with the emergence of fully autonomous cars, the movement toward a “zero accident risk environment” and active safety systems based on ADAS and V2X technology” (McMahon, 2013). The future of Insurance Telematics is looking up and a lot should be expected in the years to come.

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McMahon, Chris. “100 Million UBI/Telematics Subscribers Projected by 2018.” Insurance Networking News. N.p., 06 June 2013. Web. 07 June 2013.

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