Fleet industry analysts predict that by 2014, telematics sales growth will exceed over 6.5 million units. Private fleet operators believe that real-time tracking system have the future market potential in achieving productivity and cost efficiencies. On a global scale, technology plays a bigger role.  Whether it is the local small or medium business that uses only simple vehicle tracking devices, or a global fleet operator, GPS-based fleet tracking features are proven its value to the mass market.

Fleet Management

Compared to real-time tracking system, a basic vehicle tracking system that used by small fleet companies usually face some constraints. The fleet managers will soon realize that a real-time fleet tracking system can ensure effective and comprehensive tracking of any fleet during its entire journey. The data can be synced live and comprehensive reports will be generated for analysis, forecast, and maintenance purposes.

For the optimal fleet tracking performance and future business

planning, finding the customized fleet platform that matched your need is very important. A fleet company has to prepare an effective future plan that takes the costs, demand and additional functionality into consideration. Higher productivity can be achieved through benefits analysis. It is crucial to select a software solution that offers the required capabilities and can be scaled based on the fleet size, vehicle type, and other specifications.

Reducing fuel consumption is an important issue facing any fleet

companies. In this case, a customized fleet solution could offer a better routing, geo-fencing, driving behavior management to achieve the goals. Driving behavior can be monitored through in-vehicle diagnostics. Data like sharp cornering, speeding, harsh accelerations and braking and idling can be recorded and analyzed. For fleet operators, having the complete and accurate information is the main factor behind any telematics purpose.


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