HiHope Bangkok Linaro Conference

On April 3, Bangkok, Thailand,  HopeRun Software teamed up with Japan’s top two chip makers Renesas and Socionext to launch two new high-performance AI computing platforms:

HiHope RZ/G2

HiHope RZ/G2 board based on Renesas’  RZ-G2M high-performance chip released is in line with the Linux CIP industrial-grade specification.  It can be widely used in many IoT fields such as intelligent robots, industrial automation, building automation, and industrial human-computer interaction systems.

HiHope Akebi96

HiHope Akebi96 board based on the Socionext LD20 chip, has been accepted by Google as the official reference development platform for Android TV. It can be widely used in smart TV, smart set-top boxes, digital home control, commercial large-screen display, interactive advertising machines and other fields.

Behind these two AI motherboards, an artificial intelligence computing platform called HiHope, which is owned by HopeRun Software.   According to Liu Yang, general manager of HopeRun’s Software Chip Business Unit,  the HiHope platform has released eight high-performance AI motherboards including the Hikey970, Poplar, Secure96 and Uranus, with global mainstream chips such as Huawei Hisilicon, Renesas and Socionext as strategic partners.

At the same time, Xiao Bian presented a list of up to 74 complete chip-level capabilities in the materials at the press conference, which indicates that HopeRun ‘s Software’s chip business with HiHope as its core brand has been highly acclaimed, and the domestic IoT (Internet of Things)  field has welcomed a versatile player.

HiHope Platform

Hardware, Software, Chip-set, AI, Edge Computing at its Core

In  2016, HopeRun Software became a core member of the 96Boards of Linaro, an international open source organization, and took this opportunity to decide to switch to the IoT field.  After nearly three years of internal technology integration, the HiHope platform was officially launched in early 2018.  This is the new generation of artificial intelligence computing platform of HopeRun Software, including HiHope hardware development platform, HiHope AI-Engine and HiHope open source community.  The HiHope platform focuses on AI chips at its core, fully integrating computing power, algorithms and scenarios, and integrating hardware and software.  It aims to provide an innovative and open platform for high-tech enterprises, universities, research institutions and makers around the world.  The simple one-stop AI development enabling platform minimizes the technical thresholds of artificial intelligence, image processing, and edge computing, and accelerates the progress of various IoT solutions from concept prototype to productization.

In less than a year since its launch, the HiHope platform has intensively launched eight high-performance AI computing boards with various specifications, rich interfaces and wide applications. It has initially built an AI chip at its core, covering developers and boards. HiHope AI ecosystem supported by integrated hardware and software services with board development, product prototype, downstream customers and scenarios.   At present, the HiHope platform has become the frontier innovation laboratory of HopeRun Software Set Chip, AI and Edge Computing.

AI Development Boards
The world’s first two high-performance AI motherboards: On left is HiHope Akebi96O and on right HiHope RZ/G2.

HiHope’s Partner Eco System

The world’s top chip vendors and operating system vendors coming together

According to Liu Yang, the HiHope platform has reached strategic or in-depth cooperation with Huawei’s top chip vendors and operating system vendors such as Huawei Hisilicon, Renesas, Socionext, Google, Horizon, Texas Instruments, Infineon, Microchip, NXP, and the open source community. It also attracted hundreds of senior engineers to enter the market.



Huawei Hisilicon, Renesas, Sochi, Google, Horizon, Texas Instruments, Infineon, Microchip, NXP, and the open source community Hoperun Software HiHope platform's partners

The HiHope platform first reached a strategic cooperation with Huawei HiSilicon. Since 2018, the two companies have jointly released four high-performance AI computing platforms.  First Launched at the 2019 China Eco-Partners Conference,  held in Fuzhou on March 21st,  HiKey960, HiKey970, Poplar, HiHope-Hi3559A, started attracting industry attention.

In July 2018, HiHope entered into a strategic partnership with Renesas, Japan’s largest chip semiconductor company. HiHope launched a hardware reference design for Renesas’ new generation of RZ-G2 series chips released in 2019. This is also unprecedented in Renesas history.  HopeRun Software will also became the first solution partner of Renesas in China.

In August 2018, HiHope and Japan’s second largest chip company, Socionext, also established a strategic cooperation. HiHope launched the first 96Boards product Akebi96 for Socionext, which is focuses mainly on the Android TV market and quickly gained official recognition from Google. According to Liu Yang, HopeRun Software will work with Socionext to jointly build the 8K HD live broadcast and broadcast platform for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

In January 2019, the HiHope platform became a strategic partner of Google Android TV. HiHope provided Android TV development platform and hardware reference solution for Google, and became the official Tuner solution provider of Google.

74 Chip-Level Capabilities Supported

HiHope becomes the strategic core of HopeRun Software IoT business

The presentation at the Bangkok conference in Thailand explained that the HopeRun Software HiHope platform has entered the field of mobile phones, servers, surveillance, TV, set-top boxes, artificial intelligence and other chips. The release of the 74 chip-level capability list comprehensively covers chip-level design capabilities, chip-level hardware capabilities, chip-level software capabilities, and chip-level solution capabilities, meaning that HopeRun Software’s HiHope platform is in AI, ADAS, and Core areas such as sensor, image processing, audio and video, Linux kernel, Android system, Ubuntu/Debian and other Linux distributions, driver development, automated testing, hardware design, hardware certification, etc. have achieved complete chip-level capabilities. This is very rare in the IoT industry where board-level capabilities are the main competitive advantage!

HopeRun Software HiHope platform 74 chip-level capability list
HopeRun Software HiHope platform 74 chip-level capability list

It is not difficult to see that the strategic intention of HopeRun Software is simple and direct. With AI chip as the core, it fully builds the end-to-end solution capability of “chip + algorithm + application”.   Dedicated to chips, complete machines, smart wearable devices, and smart homes. For intelligent IOT  solutions such as smart driving, HiHope provides IOT, intelligent software and hardware integration solutions. The company has established a complete pre-research-design-development-testing technology and implementation system and a one-stop professional delivery model.

HopeRun Software HiHope Thailand Bangkok Conference – Highlights