Embedded Products: Wide Range of Capabilities

Embedded Development Capabilities

 Operating System (OS)

•Embedded Linux, QNX, Android, WinCE

BSP(Board Support Package)/HAL(Hardware Abstraction Layer)/Kernel

•BSP Driver Porting, Testing and Integration

•Kernel customization and Optimization


•Interface Customization and Debugging

•System Module Integration , Optimization(WiFi/BT/3G、Stagefright、2D/3D、FM/G-Sensor/CMMB,CANBUS, OBDII )

•OEM Customization


•Boot Loader Optimization and Customization

•OS Tuning for specified chip-set

•OS Porting and upgrading


•Launcher/Lock-Screen UI

•Native Application

•3rd Party application Integration (Social Media、LBS, Infotainment)

•OEM Customization

Platform Expertise



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