chipset capability

The strategic intention of HopeRun Software is simple and direct. With AI chip as the core, it fully builds the end-to-end solution capability of “chip + algorithm + application”. Dedicated to chips, complete machines, smart wearable devices, and smart homes. For intelligent IoT solutions such as smart driving, HopeRun provides IoT, intelligent software, and hardware integration solutions. We have established a complete pre-research-design-development-testing technology and implementation system and a one-stop professional delivery model.

Core Capablity

HiHope Platform

Open Source Community

HopeRun Software HiHope platform has entered the field of mobile phones, servers, surveillance, TV, set-top boxes, artificial intelligence, and other chips. The release of the 74 chip-level capability list comprehensively covers chip-level design capabilities, hardware capabilities, software capabilities, and solution capabilities. That means HopeRun Software’s HiHope platform has achieved complete chip-level capabilities in AI, ADAS, and Core areas such as sensor, image processing, audio and video, Linux kernel, Android system, Ubuntu/Debian and other Linux distributions, driver development, automated testing, hardware design, hardware certification, etc. This puts us in a leading position in the IoT industry with board-level capabilities as the main competitive advantage.

  • Focus on the chip, especially HI-SILICON chip
  • Provide innovative, open and simple software and hardware integration high-performance platform for high-tech enterprises, universities, research institutions, and makers around the world
  • Reduce technical thresholds such as artificial intelligence, image processing, and edge computing to accelerate productization