HopeRun’s Delivery Models are designed to adapt to our clients’ requirements and designs. The services we offer will provide great financial ROI, risk mitigation, strategic alignment and intuition.

DDU (Dedicated Development Unit) / DTU (Dedicated Testing Unit): HRTC provides DDU as a virtual extension of the client’s development team. In addition, our offsite DTU enables clients to scale their development teams, both in size and expertise.

Project Based: HRTC provides resources on an add needed basis on a per project basis.



We are committed to the confidentiality of Non-Disclosure Agreements, respecting all confidential information received while performing our professional duties. HopeRun ensures the safety and security of any information from clients under the current information security management system.

  • Information Security
    • Secured company network
    • VPN for client communications
  • Building Protection – Security Guard for the building
  • Keyed entry for offices
  • Badge access for DDU rooms
  • NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) – Signed with all clients to protect intellectual property

Protecting your Intellectual Property

  • At HopeRun, we emphasize our customer’s IP rights. This close, long-term relationship develops trusts on both sides, and improves the effectiveness of our collaboration. Since May 2009, HopeRun has been approved to Information Security Management System Standards: ISO/IEC 27001:2005.