Edge computing

Edge computing enables data to be processed at the nearest end, reducing the time to transfer data back and forth between the clouds. Localized data processing and storage puts less stress on the computing network. As the amount of data sent to the cloud decreases, the likelihood of a delay—the data processing delay caused by the interaction between the cloud and the IoT device—will be reduced.

Our Advantage


Support intelligent services such as video intelligence analysis, big data stream processing, and function services to run at the edge, providing real-time edge intelligent processing capabilities nearby.


Provide edge application and function service operation management environment, simplify application development and deployment, and rapidly deploy edge-side applications according to business needs.


Edge devices access the cloud platform, application data securely, and send to the cloud, massive data access securely.


Open data access capability, support various device data entry, support industry-standard interface


Massive edge computing device secure access

Convenient and secure access to massive edge computing devices, unified management, monitoring and operation and maintenance of the cloud

Edge application lifecycle management

Support Huawei applications and third-party applications to quickly distribute to the operation of edge equipment

Edge cloud data channel

Provide side cloud data channel, and the stream data and object data generated by side application can be easily and quickly uploaded to the cloud side DIS (data access service) and OBS (object storage service).

Edge stream processing

Support cloud management of stream processing, edge side operation, providing real-time stream processing capability