Energy Solution

Energy business to embellish and wisdom “union sensing” and “data analysis” technology as the foundation to provide customers and analysis of data acquisition equipment, meter data collection and analysis, mobile grid optimization, production operation management, marketing, mobile operation management, and other professional solutions. Main market segment customers for power generation companies, power grid enterprises, new energy, etc., through the analysis of the system status, professional and auxiliary decision-making model, helping our clients achieve reliable electricity, safe, economic and efficient target.

Our Solution

Smart Grid

The company’s smart energy informatization business is based on “Internet of Things Sensing” and “Data Analysis” technologies, providing customers with equipment data collection and analysis, meter data collection and analysis, power grid optimization, production mobile operation management, and marketing mobile operation management, Integrated energy services, energy Internet of Things and other professional solutions. The main market segment customers are power generation companies, power grid companies, new energy companies, etc. Through digital system status analysis and auxiliary decision-making models, they help customers achieve the goals of reliable, safe, economic, and efficient grid operation.

Gas Leak Detection

The gas leak detection system seeks to address customer’s needs in stopping increased global warming potential and regulation compliance with an effective monitoring system, operating 24/7 to allow customers to quickly detect, locate, and repair accidental emissions.