Gas Leak Detection Solution

Our Service

Monitoring & Control

  • Collect atmosphere data.
  • Detect the presence of flammable gases before their concentration levels approach explosive proportions.
  • Detect outdoor leaks.
  • Trigger alert & notifications.

Analysis & Prediction

  • Visual data & charts reports for Analysis.
  • Help to predict gas leaking in advance.
  • Design gas detector placements.
  • Enable compliance reporting.

Effective & Low Cost

  • Easy to deploy & maintenance.
  • Fit for the industry standards and scenario.
  • Accurate, reliable, low power consumption.
  • Low cost for the operation.

Solution Functions

Data Collection

Collect gas concentration data from gas sensor.

Upload to Control

Upload collected gas leak data to control through cable, wifi or GSM.

Send to Cloud

The control send all data to cloud or server or client business cloud, platform for storage and analysis with standard interface or format.

Alert & Notification

System send alerts and notifications based on the received data.

Analyze & Predict

System could run analysis and predict base on collected data.