IIoT Capability

With the strong talented team and the extensive accumulation of market and technology, HopeRun Software has got a solid foundation for Internet of Things (IoT) and System Integration Business. 

HopeRun Software can provide customized system integration for different industries and also offer other IT service, including cloud computing, construction of IoT, information asset management, application asset management and integration solutions.

Our end-to-end IoT capability

Chipset capability

The strategic intention of HopeRun Software is simple and direct. With AI chip as the core, it fully builds the end-to-end solution capability of “chip + algorithm + application”.   Dedicated to chips, complete machines, smart wearable devices, and smart homes. For intelligent IOT  solutions such as smart driving, HiHope provides IOT, intelligent software and hardware integration solutions. The company has established a complete pre-research-design-development-testing technology and implementation system and a one-stop professional delivery model.

Smart Device

HopeRun Software is able to develop multiple platforms, systems and devices. Based on platforms, such as Qualcomm, MTK and Spreadtron, and mobile phone systems, such as Android, Tizen and Firefox, HopeRun Software can provide development system, APP and communication protocol for various devices, ranging from phone, tablet, television to IoT. HopeRun Software can provide ROM upgrade service and also offer customized service for carriers from North America, Japan, Korea, Europe and China.

mobile apps

Edge computing

Edge computing enables data to be processed at the nearest end, reducing time to transfer data back and forth between the clouds.Localized data processing and storage puts less stress on the computing network. When the amount of data sent to the cloud decreases, the likelihood of a delay—the data processing delay caused by the interaction between the cloud and the IoT device—is reduced.

AI Capability

After more than ten years of development and deep cooperating with many industry head companies, HopeRun Software officially announced the AI+ business strategy. HopeRun will transform into a technology company that provides integrated hardware and software AI solutions and integrated services from chip to application. Released six high-performance AI development platforms including the famous HiKey960 and Hikey970. Fully focus on IoT end-side intelligence.