Smart Energy Solution

HopeRun’s smart energy informatization business is based on “Internet of Things Sensing” and “Data Analysis” technologies, providing customers with equipment data collection and analysis, meter data collection and analysis, power grid optimization, production mobile operation management, and marketing mobile operation management, Integrated energy services, energy Internet of Things and other professional solutions. The main market segment customers are power generation companies, power grid companies, new energy companies, etc. Through digital system status analysis and auxiliary decision-making models, they help customers achieve the goals of reliable, safe, economic, and efficient grid operation.


Smart Grid Service

Smart grid services are built based on an integrated, high-speed two-way communication network. Through the application of advanced sensing and measurement technologies, advanced equipment technologies, advanced control methods, and advanced decision support system technologies, the grid is reliable and safe, economic, efficient, environmentally friendly and safe to use,

Smart Energy Service

HopeRun Software has accumulated extensive experience of providing professional service for grid informatization and has actively explored into the energy area. By integrating resources HopeRun Software provides customers with professional solutions and services for various business areas, including park energy management, new energy, and power plant. The Smart Energy Service has customers from almost every province in China and the customers are mainly power enterprises, power research institutions, and power-related companies.


Online Monitoring Platform of Smart Grid Device

The smart grid equipment online monitoring platform is based on a new generation of service-oriented architecture (SOA). It can be quickly constructed through a unified data model, flexible calculation and analysis model, polymorphic alarm recognition and processing strategy, combined with equipment rapid intelligent access technology The monitoring and control system for various types of equipment in the smart grid is one of the important supports for improving the level of lean and intensive management of equipment.

Microgrid solution

Microgrid solution can achieve efficient management of distributed generation and gradient utilization of energy. Also, this solution can solve the problems of the protection, control, and scheduling of Microgrid and enhance grid security.

Quality Monitoring and Optimization Solutions

Power Quality Solution mainly focuses on testing, monitoring, and governing every process, including generation, transmission, distribution and application of power. The solution can greatly enhance the capacity of solving problems related to power quality.