With 10 years of experience, the R&D team focuses on handling vehicle OBD interface data and sensor data. On the basis of manufacturing the stable qualified hardware and providing personalized hardware and software combination solutions.HopeRun aiming to become your most excellent and reliable partner in the vehicle-mounted smart hardware field of IIoT industry.

Our Solution

Fleet Management

  • Preventative maintenance schedule and management
    control inspection cost, tracking maintenance status and keep fleets productive
  • Voice command enabled fleet location app
    clear map view with simple voice commands to initiate a search to display requested detail in seconds
  • Customized comprehensive fleet management report
    Combine utilization, exception and compliance data develop data visualization analysis
  • Customized installation tool
  • Third-party device integration and management

At the same time, we expand our work to voice command field:

  • Voice application on Alexa
    helping get fleet information you need hands-free and send it to you
  • Connected device application for Alexa Auto
    Connect to OBD2 device by Bluetooth
    Store data in the cloud and available to phone and voice application
    Feature functions: location information; speed check; vehicle mileage; fuel consumption; driver score; car error code status
    Helping driver get OBD2 device data real-time without stopping
    Make it safer to obtain needed information during work.

OBDII Solution

  • Rechargeable Asset GPS Tracker
  • Long Standby Asset GPS Tracker
  • Multifunctional and Vehicle GPS Tracker
  • Container GPS Tracker
  • Mobile Asset Tracker
  • Long Standby Battery Tracker & Wired GPS Tracker
  • Professional driving analysis
  • Remote Debugging function